September Work Party

Please join us on Saturday, September 26th for our monthly work party in Woods Park. We’ll meet at the top of the Staircase Trail at 9:00 AM sharp and work until noon.

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Woods memorial Park

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Earth Day Work Party April 22

Earth Day Event with Friends of Woods and SOLVE

SW Woods Parkway

Saturday, April 22 2017, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Restore Woods Park!


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Join Portland Parks & Rec, Solve and the Friends of Woods Park every 4th Saturday in removing invasive non-native species, including English ivy, clematis, and Himalayan blackberry. Native plantings and trail work are done on a seasonal basis.IMG_20151229_123701

2016 Calendar

We’ve updated our calendar of Woods Park projects for 2016.

Woods Stewardship Calendar 2016

Below is a proposed schedule of events for stewardship activities at Woods Memorial Natural Area. This proposed schedule takes into account the ecological benefits of performing appropriate stewardship and restoration activities with native plant and animal species in mind.

January 2016 Work Party– this event has been moved to January 16: Ivy removal along Stairway Trail and Zig Zag Trail.
Meet at Stairway trailhead

February 2016 Work Party– Planting along creek side trail corridor and cleared areas between Stairway and Zig Zag.
Meet at Stairway trailhead

March 2016 Work Party– Ivy removal in new Marigold Trail section & tread work on Alice and other trails.
Meet at SW 48 and Marigold

April 2016 Work Party– Split-rail fence installation along the meadow.
Meet at Stairway trailhead

May 2016 Work Party– Trail maintenance: remove boardwalks and replace with turnpikes. Brush Alice Trail.
Meet at Zig Zag Trail.

June 2016 Work Party– Trail maintenance: brush creek trails (Woods Creek, South, Plum).
Meet at Zig Zag Trail

July 2016 Work Party– Trail maintenance: brush western trails (Stairway, Marigold, Cedar).
Meet at Stairway Trail

August 2016 Work Party– Trail maintenance: bridge work – replace deteriorated decking, handrails, and supports as necessary.
Meet at Zig Zag Trail.

September 2016 Work Party– Ivy removal- along Cedar Trail.
Meet at Stairway trailhead

October 2016 Work Party– Upper meadow planting.
Meet at Stairway trailhead

November 2016 Work Party– Trail maintenance: leaf removal.
Meet at Zig Zag Trail.

December 2016 Work Party – No work party

Recent Work Parties

Well, we need to post a bit more regularly.

October’s date coincided with the city-wide  No Ivy Day.  Lucy from Parks was there with tee shirts, decals, coffee, donuts, and nut bars.  We pulled ivy along the ZigZag Trail.  We had some of the regulars, a number of new people, and one big, brown, calm dog.  We pulled up about 2000 square feet of ivy, which is progress.

November saw our annual raking of the trails.  Enough volunteers showed up that we were able to clean off the entire trail system, well over one mile.  This helps the trails dry out quickly and reduces the deterioration during our rainy season.

We don’t have a work party in December, but hope to see everyone out there again January 23rd.


An owl in Woods Park

July Work Party

Janelle St. Pierre has been wanting to clean asphalt out of the creek for a while now, and the water was low enough in July to get at a lot of the asphalt chunks.  We hauled out as much as the Parks truck could carry!

How the heck did all that asphalt get into the creek?  It happened a long time ago, maybe 20 years back.  There was a road at the top of the hillside that washed out in a slide that took a whole bunch of the hill down to the creek bed.  It actually displaced the creek by several feet.  You can see the bend in the creek just upstream of middle bridge where the slide came down.  It’s all grown over now, with smaller Alders growing up in the slide area.

Over the years the asphalt from the road has broken down into smaller chunks and has gradually washed down the creek.  We combed about a hundred yards of creek bed and took out all of the asphalt we could find.

IMG_6699 IMG_6702 IMG_6703